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How to I set up my VPN connection to connect during system startup?
If it is a windows XP VPN configure it to run at startup and then make sure the reconnect after disconnecting option is checked in VPN properties
What is RAM & HDD?
RAM= random access memory is the temporary storage where the computer saves files while it is powered on, these memory locations get erased when the computer is powered off, the more the RAM the more space it has to process. Computer cannot operate without RAM, 512 MB is a decent size.
80 GB refers to the capacity of the HDD (Hard disk drive). HDD is the permanent storage where operating system, applications and users files are stored. The files once saved on HDD do not get removed unless they are deleted meaning turning off the computer will not erase the files on HDD.
for more information search for RAM or HDD in
Computer infected with Virus?
This is possible, now it depends on what is the configuration of your computer, if it has a CD drive or a FDD (floppy disk drive) to load the antivirus program.
The other way is to wipe clean the HDD and reinstall the operating system, I hope you have the system restore CDs if not you can get them for most HP/COMPAQ or DELL computers from
My CPU is making strange noise?
Check your computer for cooling fans, it maybe a case fan or CPU fan or a power supply fan.
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