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Onsite data recovery means guaranteed privacy of data, your data is recovered in your presence


Instant response- Onsite Service - hardware, software & peripheral repair/maintenance


Are you having some technical problem and think you may have lost some important data?

Did you save all your photographs on your computers hard drive and now cannot access it?

Losing data could be a terrible experience, it could be family photos, crucial presentations, tax forms, financial documents and more Call us and we will send you a data recovery expert equipped with all necessary tools to perform data recovery at your location.

Sometime attempting to repair your hard drive without the proper tools can make matters worse. the best thing to do in such circumstances is to power down your computer to prevent further damage to your hard drive. there is a good chance that our onsite technician will be able to retrieve your data within 24 hours under typical circumstances and most common failures.

We offer a wide range of data recovery services. Our highly trained data recovery technicians have access to a wide array of proprietary software and equipment to succeed in their data recovery efforts. We offer recoveries from hard drives, CD's, DVD's, Iomega ZIP Disks, Floppy Disks, RAID Drives, USB Drives, Camera Media, Tape Media, etc....
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Fully Equipped to perform Data recovery from Ziff Drives, Sata Drives and Pata Hard Disks


We offer computer repair at affordable prices and guarantee all our work.